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Steel Bending Machine
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steel bending machine

Compared with other pipe benders, this model is smaller and has a smaller footprint. This steel bending machine is CNC12E, and its elbow equipment is not integrated with the operation screen, so the console can be moved to easily observe the bending process. Locally, this machine is widely used in small diameter pipe bends such as automobile air conditioners and oil pipes.This page model is available in 1-6 layers, and is generally available in 11-axis full motor type.No hydraulic oil, no oil leakage, equipment is not affected by temperature, high stability and long life.


1.1 Electrical control and operation interface

(1) The operation interface of the CNC servo pipe bending machine adopts a touch screen.

(2) Digital display resolution: 0.01° angle, 0.01° tube, 0.01mm feed.

(3) The control system of CNC servo bending machine adopts industrial computer control.

(4) The elbow parameters on the operation interface can be set (preset).

1.2 Features

(1) The machine operation steps can be carried out step by step through the picture style of the dialogue form, so that the entire operation flow will be clear at a glance;

(2) The text display on the machine screen generally has Chinese and English switching. If there are special requirements, you can change the text according to the requirements;

(3) The maximum bending procedure memory capacity is 2 million groups, each group can be programmed up to 45 bends;

(4) After inputting the elbow parameters to be processed, the machine has automatic and manual functions during the operation, which can be operated automatically, or can be manually interrupted by suspending when processing special pipes.

(5) The style and process of this steel bending machine fittings stored in the machine will not be lost due to short-time call or sudden power failure;

(6) The information in the machine is provided with the user name and password. This can not only protect the data, but also can query the staff who entered the data when problems occur, to avoid disputes;

(7) With powerful storage function, it can record and query the recent 1000 pipe bending processing materials;

(8) The machining program can still be edited during the bending process;

(9) a conversion function with coordinate values;

(10) After inputting the program, the controller can automatically calculate the full length of the pipe;

(11) After determining the shape of the pipe to be machined, the machine can quickly obtain its program equation of symmetrical shape;

(12) With the reverse function of the pipe fitting program, it can be changed to the program when the other end starts from the bending point;

(13) The data can be fine-tuned when editing the program data, and the original processing data will not be lost due to multiple modifications;

(14) The action set by the processing step has a total of ten speeds, which are used for different pipe fittings, and the speed knob can be used to change the machining speed;

(15) The rebound characteristics of each processed material are somewhat different. The machine can adjust the rebound compensation value in the program by testing the pipe fittings;

(16) The steel bending machine has the function of processing quantity and processing time count;

(17) Using the absolute origin system, each time you reboot, you can enter the work standby state without complicated procedures to find the origin of each axis;

(18) The operation screen can synchronously display the positional condition of each action axis of the machine and the change of the bending angle;

(19) The machine can still save time by editing the program during the processing;

(20) If the machine is suspended during machining, if it encounters an unexpected situation, the machine can continue to work before the problem is solved;

(21) The system has the function of automatically detecting errors and enumerating the corresponding repair instructions. When the machine console is not operated properly or the program has logic errors, there will be prompts to reduce the number of machine damages caused by human error.

(22) Two different program modes, manual or automatic, can be set according to the processing process or the processing of the pipe fittings. The working mode that can be set is feeding, etc.;

(23) In the process of setting the machine working parameters, some data does not need to be input at the beginning, and parameters can be set at appropriate times during the processing;

(24) It has the automatic detection of the safety status of each button and circuit of the machine, so that it can be easily found out where the fault occurred;

(25) It has an automatic lubrication system that protects the machine from wear during transmission of the object.

Maximum bending capacity

Round pipe/iron pipe (S=40kgf/mm 2 )


Round pipe / non-ferrous metal (S = 25kgf / mm 2 )


Round pipe / stainless steel pipe (S = 60kgf / mm 2 )


Square tube / metal ( S = 40kgf / mm 2 )


Round bar (S=40kgf/mm 2 )


Servo bending axis



Fastest speed


Servo feed shaft



Fastest speed


Servo tube axis



Fastest speed